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Where Are They Now? Jean + Devin Sharkey

We couldn't think of a better couple than Jean & Devin Sharkey to kick off our newest section of the blog, "Where Are They Now?" We're extremely excited to be checking in and find out what's new with some of our favorite couples throughout the years. Jean & Devin got married at Annadel Estate Winery  in Sonoma Valley on 9.26.2009. You can see some of their special day on Martha Stewart Weddings. AE: Looking back, what do you remember most about your wedding day?

J+D: What we remember most was how weirdly euphoric it was to be surrounded by all our friends and family. We also remember how freaking HOT it was on our wedding day. Nothing like wearing a bunch of petticoats in 100 degree heat.



AE: Where did you guys go on a honeymoon?

J+D: We took a month off and traveled all over Italy. Tuscany, Florence, Venice, Bologna, Rome. It was an amazing trip that we'll probably never be able to replicate.



AE: How has life evolved being a married couple?

J+D: Life has evolved quite a bit. Since we got married, we started working as a team, professionally. So now we're creative partners in Advertising. I'm the writer, Devin's the art director. We adopted a rescue chihuahua named "Queso" who is basically the World's Best Dog. We've also moved twice - once to LA and then to NY -- and had a kid, our little guy, Tucker. It's been pretty non-stop.


AE: What is your advice for someone planning their wedding today?

J+D: Our advice for anyone planning a wedding today is to make sure there is at least ONE personal thing at your wedding that won't and can't be replicated by any other couple. Whether it's one appetizer that's so "you" or writing your own vows or a signature drink, you will remember it. Your guests will remember it. And it'll make your day that much more memorable.


AE: How will you be spending Valentine's day?

J+D: We've always spent Valentine's Day hanging out at home because we choose to celebrate the occasion on the 15th instead. It's much easier to make reservations and there are no prix fixe menus to deal with. Maybe it's unsentimental, but that's just how we roll.


Thank you Jean & Devin for being so awesome!