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Top Wedding Registries



All too often we get asked the question, "where should I register?" and the answer is simple.  Register where you like to shop!  There are tons of businesses that offer wedding registries.  Some of our favorites are Heath CeramicsWest ElmWilliams-SonomaPottery BarnCB2Crate and Barrel, Gump's in SF, and Saks Fifth Ave.  Oh, and lest I forget, Etsy also has a registry and it's actually a great place to shop for artwork and handmade pieces for your home.

There are also lots of wedding registry alternatives, because let's face it, many engaged couples already live together and have all their kitchen needs met at this point.  One of my favorite alternatives is a site called Merci Registry, which allows you to pull products from all over the web into your own custom site, so you're no longer tied to one store and instead can support smaller local businesses if they have online shops.  Another idea that seems to be gaining popularity is to do a charity registry, allowing guests to contribute to a cause you

support.  We've found Crowd Rise to be a great resource for couples hoping to do raise funds for multiple charities because you can set up your own website where viewers can pick from a variety of charities to donate to.  HoneyFund is also pretty rad for couples on a budget, allowing guests to gift you with experiences on your honeymoon, like dinner at a Parisian restaurant overlooking the Seine.

A few tips on what to fill your registry with.  It's really hard not to get wrapped up in what you'd like versus what you need when you're doing a wedding registry.  Try to keep this concept in mind:  Is this vegetable peeler going to be something I look back on ten years from now and think fondly about the moment I received it as a wedding gift?  Probably not.  So instead of filling your registry with things you could probably pick up on your own from Bed Bath and Beyond, try to fill your registry with things that will last for years to come.  Cool artwork, great dishware (you know, the kind you use for entertaining), amazing coffee table books, a solid piece of furniture...  These are all things you'll keep for years and years.  Another really important thing to keep in mind is your price point.  Most of your friends will want to spend $50-100 and your family probably more like $100-200.  Think about filling your registry with all different price points so your guests have a plentiful list to choose from.  Check in on the registry often and continue to add to it as the list starts to dwindle down.

Good luck and have fun shopping!!





photo is from the Heath Ceramics website.  LOVE.