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Tips from Elizabeth Messina + Cupcake's Dream Wedding Contest & Giveaway!

We have about another month or so with the Cupcake's Dream Wedding Contest! Couldn't be more excited about this...make sure you let anyone you know (engaged or soon to be) about the contest. Check out our Cupcake Dream Wedding pinterest board for some inspiration and start pinning! We also wanted to take the time to sit down with Elizabeth Messina and talk about the importance of picking the right photographer for the special day. From engagement shoots to the flow on the actual day, not all of us were born camera ready...however, Elizabeth calms our nerves with her sound advice.

1. hair & makeup

I often get asked for my input about hair & makeup for engagement

portraits and/or wedding day photographs. I think it is very important

to be as natural as possible. Of course most girls love a little blush and

lip gloss, but i suggest not doing something wildly different. Think

going out to dinner makeup, fresh and natural. The more you feel like

"yourself", the more natural and flattering you images will be.

2. a perfect smile

A perfect smile is usually hidden somewhere in the middle of a giggle.

I often encourage my clients to do just that, "giggle". I find laughter even if

it is a bit forced, will lead to genuine laughter. A real laugh is much more

beautiful than a stiff smile. So if you are feeling a bit uncomfortable, just

"giggle" you will be surprised how much it helps you relax and reveals

your genuinely beautiful smile.

3. light & composition

Trust your photographer. You may have a certain spot in mind for photos,

but if the light is not good, your photos will not be either. It is important to let

you photographer suggest the best spot for group shots. A professional

photographer will be taking many things into consideration when making

such a decision. We want to please you, please allow us the freedom to

place you in the most flattering light.

4. show your love

One of my favorite parts of any wedding day, is capturing affection

between a couple in love. Be sure to make some time to be alone with

your photographer on your wedding day. Hug and kiss your mate a lot.

It is these tender and real moments that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Love is beautiful, show your love.

5. breathe

This is the simplest tip in the world. Often if you feel nervous about

having your photo taken you may hold your breath without realizing it.

Be sure to purposefully take deep slow breaths. It will help release any

tension you may be holding in your jar. Plus, anyone who has ever

taken yoga knows how important good deep breaths are. So breathe in,

exhale, and then kiss the one you love….again

You can find more stunning imagery and tips in Elizabeth's new book, The Luminous Portrait. We are giving away a book pack (ours & hers!) to a lucky readers! All you need to do is leave a comment on this post with your email address and we will select the winner on Friday, 3/29 by 5:00pm PST.