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Tiny Atlas Quarterly Kickstarter Campaign

If you haven’t yet heard of Tiny Atlas Quarterly, it’s time you do. Alison's been involved with this new travel and lifestyle magazine, which features gorgeous photography and showcases amazing places, because she loves it and believes in it. Her friend, the wonderful photographer, Emily Nathan, started Tiny Atlas Quarterly with a few others friends including art director Liz Mullally, photo editor Deb Hearey, and Emily’s husband, Jake Huffman, the talent in charge of the live site’s awesome user experience. Alison has been helping by scouting locations for the magazine and it’s been great. The whole point of Tiny Atlas Quarterly is to bring friends and collaborators together to work on projects of their own devising. What you see is what we love. The photos below have been or will be featured in Tiny Atlas Quarterly and, here’s the best news, they can be yours, too. They’re available as perks via the Tiny Atlas Kickstarter that just launched. So buy one for your walls or consider them as a wedding present.

Tiny Atlas Quarterly Perk Images Collage 0001

Tiny Atlas Quarterly Pages 0001

Tiny Atlas Quarterly Pages 0002

Tiny Atlas Quarterly Pages 0003

Tiny Atlas Quarterly Pages 0004

Tiny Atlas Quarterly Pages 0005

Tiny Atlas Quarterly Pages 0006

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Tiny Atlas Quarterly Pages 0007

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If successful, the Kickstarter funding will offset the costs to make an annual print edition and some of the costs of the current issue in production, Tiny Atlas Quarterly Fall 2013. They are also interested in partnerships with like-minded brands in the travel, fashion and lifestyle industries, so if you're interested get in touch with them.