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Interview with Living Greens Juice


We recently tested a juice cleanse from one of our favorite SF juicing companies, Living Greens.  Five days of juice later, not only did we decide that their juice is insanely delicious, but the few dropped pounds, brighter skin and extra energy were major bonuses.  Living Greens offers a number of cleanse ideas and packages, including Wedding Bliss, specifically formulated with couples in mind.  We had a great chat with Michelle, one of the founders, about juice cleanses and their benefits.

How long do most people do a juice cleanse?

- Most people do 3 or 5 day cleanses but some have done 7 to 10  to  15 and our longest was 21 days!
How far before a wedding or special event would you recommend doing a juice cleanse?
- I would recommend doing a 3 -5 day cleanse for the two months leading up to the wedding. this way, you are sure to keep up with healthy eating habits and flush your system of toxins which can dull the skintone and brightness in eyes. I highly recommend daily green juicing the whole month leading up to the special day but no juice fasting a month before. I honestly recommend green juice everyday  no matter what the event is really
What are the biggest benefits of a cleanse?
- Biggest benefits for me personally are resetting healthier eating patterns. Once a cleanse has finished, food tastes so much more intense. Rich fruit becomes decadent and the cravings for unhealthy foods are gone. I also love the added benefit of a glowing complexion, better sleep and overall general well being. Our clients love that they can lose a few lbs on any of our cleanses and people love that they can kick sugar, coffee and carb addictions after just 3 days.
For those going on a cleanse, do you recommend the appropriate mix of juices?  If so, what does that usually end up looking like?
- We have 3 different levels of cleanses, but each one comes with elixirs such as aloe, coconut water, detox tea, calming teas and a deliious vegetarian broth. We always recommend a pre cleanse diet as we feel it enhances and accerates the benefits of the cleanse process before it even begins..
Where are Living Greens Juices sold?
- You can buy our juices through ordering online. We deliver and pick ups are also available at our kitchen. ALL cleanse deliveries are made daily Monday through Friday and FREE delivery is included in SF. We are working on getting the juices onto the shelves at Whole Foods, so stay tuned for that.