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Vendor Spotlight: Kate Holt of Flowerwild

From peonies and gloriosa lilies to shooting stars and pom pom dahlias, floral designer Kate Holt of Flowerwild creates whimsical yet understated “fresh from the garden” arrangements that continue to leave us in awe. Based out of Los Angeles, Kate Holt is one of those rare human beings that appears to be doing what it is that she was meant to do, including her recent expansion into styling and creative direction consulting.


In addition, her website and blog is a magical place where beautiful images and ideas are realized by her thoughtful words and visual perspective.

“I’m a fine editor of things, materials, designs, strategies. Some people love to throw more stuff on top of more stuff hoping to eventually find the beauty in it all. But my approach is simpler. Peel back the layers, get to the core, repeat what is beautiful to you as a visual mantra, stay on course, too many distractions and ingredients dilute the intentions and are unnecessary. “ – Kate Holt

Kate is a self-taught designer but has always had flowers on the brain. Her childhood seems like a fantasy of learning and witnessing how beautiful things grow and a family whose mantra was “follow your bliss.” She also has had a career in photography as well as the film industry, which reflects in everything she touches. Her awe-inspiring blog also reflects her daily inspirations from her family and children.

“My vision of this life, this planet, it’s like a glassine web extending outwards, but wrapping around in layers, folding over on itself. Sleek and architecturally sound. One small footstep all the way on the other side, however faint, still sends echoes and ripples across to the other hemisphere.”  - Kate Holt from her blog

Doesn’t that just make you want to sit and smell the roses?

All photos by Elizabeth Messina