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Happy New Year from Alison Events!

We hope everyone had a happy New Years Eve and are off to a productive start for 2013! We wanted to share with you what the AE crew were up to when the clock struck midnight. Take a peek... Alison spent NYE skiing the slopes of the Swiss Alps (actually, 6 days straight!). Aspirations for 2013: Stretch and drink more water, take more photography and interior design courses, and visit Iceland, Norway and Latvia (a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe bordered by Estonia) Lithuania, Russian Federation and Belarus (which shares a maritime border to the west with Sweden)

Sunna went south to Palm Springs and spent the night fine dining and wining with good friends. Aspirations for 2013: Be present, do yoga, and spend more time with family

Michelle stayed local to San Francisco and saw an aspiring band play on Haight St. She also attempted (and mastered!) the matte black manicure she fell in love with on pintrest. Aspirations for 2013:  Take 3 Apple workshops on different topics that interest me, run at least 3 times a week (for at least 30 minutes each!), and eat breakfast. Plain and simple.

Susie also stayed local to San Francisco and watched the fireworks from a yacht in the bay. Luckily it was clear skies and smooth sailing! Aspirations for 2013: Travel to 3 countries I've never been before, work out a minimum of 3 days a week, and master at least one new recipe every week. 

Jenn celebrated New Years with a fabulous meal at one of her favorite restaurants in New York City, ABC Kitchen. She celebrated with some dear friends as well as her new baby, Ellery! Aspirations for 2013: to appreciate and be present in each moment, find a happy balance between work and her new baby, and to get back into those skinny jeans!